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Membership Applications Now Being Accepted

Pool FAQ


Do I have to be a resident of Beverly Woods East neighborhood to join the pool?

No. Pool membership is currently open to all people in all neighborhoods.


Is there a waiting list for the pool or are you taking new members?

Currently the pool does not have a waiting list and new members are being accepted for this summer season.


What is the process for joining the swim club?

Simply Click Here and complete the on-line form. Once your application is processed, you will receive an e-mail from the membership chair.


Will tennis facilities be added to the club in the future?

No - the club does not anticipate adding tennis courts back to the club.


Can I join the swim team without being a member of the swim club?

No. Due to the rules and regulations of our swim league, all swim team participants must also be swim club members in good standings.


I am going to be traveling for a portion of the summer, can I join the pool for a portion of the summer with a pro-rated payment?

No, we do not offer a partial summer membership except in cases where a family moves out of the city during the swim season.


What is your visitor policy?

You may bring guests with you to the pool. The fee for guests is $10 per person with a $30 family limit. If your guest is from out of the county, they may visit with you for free. Local, in-county guests are limited to 3 visits per season.


I have a babysitter/nanny watching my kids for the summer, do they need a separate membership?

Your caregiver can bring your children to the pool under your membership for no additional charge and with unlimited use.


When does the pool open and close for the season?

The pool opens for the season the Friday of Memorial day weekend and closes for the season on Labor Day Monday. The pool is opened on weekends only while CMS is in school. The pool is open daily when CMS is out of school.


Am I allowed to bring

Yes, you may bring any type of food and beverage to the pool. The only restriction is that you may NOT have any glass containers on the pool deck - per the health department regulations.


What is a Family Membership and what is a Couples/Individual Membership?

A Family Membership is any couple with children who currently live in the same household. A Couples/Individuals Membership is any individual person or couple without children.


What is the membership referral policy?

If you refer two people who join BWE (either as a family or couples/individual membership), you will receive a $50 credit the following summer season after those referrals join. For three or more referrals (either family or couples/individual), you will receive $100 for each referral, up to a maximum of $500, during the following summer season after those referrals join. For example, if you refer 2 people who join Summer 2019, you will receive a $50 credit towards your Summer 2020 membership dues. If you refer 3 people who join Summer 2019, you will receive a $100 credit towards your Summer 2020 membership dues.

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