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Swim Lessons


As the coordinator of swim lessons I would like to recommend the following young people to work with your child on their swimming. Each of these young people have been a member of the BWE swim team, have worked with our young swimmers on the team, and are very good at instructing, and encouraging young kids. The BWE swim team is a cornerstone of the pool, and we hope that each of your swimmers are members of the team or will be in the future. Please contact each of these people directly to arrange lessons for your children. The fees are as follows:


Private lesson: 30 minutes, cost $30

Semi-private lesson: 45 minutes, cost $40.


Please pay the person directly and work out the times that are best for you: If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to email me at:


Jackie Haenlein: Head BWE Coach: 704-962-1888

Katherine Haenlein: Assistant Coach: 704-609-3023

Andrew Young: Assistant Coach: 704-607-4313

Meredith Francis: Assistant Coach: 704-575-6005


Shrimper coaches:

Anna Duncan: 704-340-8190

Caroline Dwyer: 704-299-2906

Matthew Reddick: 704-891-0641

Caroline Brown: 704-201-1018

Allie Brown: 704-277-1051

Kalyea Wait: 980-355-4592

Caludia Wait: 704-218-0712

Sarah Cameron Wilson: 704-491-0706


The BWE swim team coaches have all grown up at the pool and are on the BWE swim team. They all have or do swim for their high school teams and/or have swum year-round. I would recommend any of them to teach your children.


For swim lesson information, contact:
LeeAnn Barrineau


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